DEMCO DM 5000-PSI Gate Valve

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DEMCO DM 5000-PSI Gate Valve

If you’ve considered buying Cameron gate valves it’s time to check out the DEMCO DM 5000-PSI gate valve for sale at They are every bit as reliable with the same level of performance for a fraction of the price. Heshka Oil is proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of OEM-quality equipment that’s located here in the USA.

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DEMCO DM 5000-PSI Gate Valve Product Information

Heshka Oil DEMCO valves are made to resist wear even during constant use in the harshest conditions. Durable materials, superior design and multiple layers of plastic coating give our DEMCO DM 5000-PSI gate valve the protection needed to keep performing when others would fail.  

Easy to Inspect, Repair and Maintain

The single body design allows for easy access to maintain, repair and inspect your valve components. We also have DEMCO valve repair kits for easy maintenance. 

Trim Options for Maximum Flexibility

Heshka Oil has all the parts you need to rig gate valves for a wide range of applications. 

Perfect Positioning

The DEMCO DM 5000-PSI gate valve has a sight lens that makes getting the gate into the right position much easier. 


At you can find a DEMCO DM 5000-PSI gate valve that’s compatible with Cameron gate valves and gate valve parts.

Ordering Gate Valve Parts Just Got Easier

We’re all about working smarter not harder. In times when margins are slim every minute matters for the bottom line. We help you save time and money with secure online ordering. You can find all the gate valve parts you need in one place without leaving your desk. With thousands of parts in stock and ready to ship we can get you the equipment you need faster than the competition. 

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The API 6A Manufacturer for All Your DEMCO Valve Needs 

Our prices may be lower than Cameron, but our quality is just as high. Heshka Oil uses a quality control system to check every part we ship out. It’s so comprehensive the system has helped us become an API 6A manufacturer and supplier. Whether it’s an entire gate valve or a replacement o-ring, you can operate confidently knowing your parts are proven to handle the job. 

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