Guide to Order Frac Heads (Goat Heads) Online

28th Sep 2021

Find out what frac heads are and what role they play out in the oil field.Heshka Oil offers frac heads as part of our extensive product line up. Frac heads, or goat heads as they are also known, are f … read more

Spools Use and Size in the Oil and Gas Industry

28th Sep 2021

Learn what spools are used for and how they are made to withstand harsh conditions out in the field.Heshka Oil has one of the largest inventories of spools in the oil and gas industry. We have you … read more

Valve Removal “VR” Plug Uses

28th Sep 2021

Learn why valve removal plugs are so useful at work sites that want to stay productive.One of the many products that Heshka Oil manufactures for our customers are valve removal plugs, also known as VR … read more