What to Know About Carbide CHoke Wear Sleeves

22nd Jun 2022

Learn about the role carbide wear sleeves play when you’re using CIW hydraulic drilling chokes.If you’re using CIW or Type C style hydraulic drilling chokes, then you may already be somewhat familiar … read more

How SLS Seals Work

22nd Jun 2022

Find out how SLS seals work and why they’re necessary for FLS slab gate valve operation.SLS seals or Spring Loaded Seals are high-quality stem packings for use in FLS-style slab gate valves. They’re u … read more

What is a Type R Check Valve?

22nd Jun 2022

Discover how Type R check valves are constructed to understand how they operate.Type R check valves are unidirectional valves that are used to prevent backflow in high pressure environments during dri … read more