Flanges and Spools

Flanges and Spools

Heshka Oil designs, manufactures and distributes a number of flanges and spools along with hundreds of other parts for the oil and gas industry. Because we handle every aspect of the process, we’re able to streamline production and pass the savings on to our customers. Our online ordering platform also gives you the convenience of being able to get the parts you need without impacting productivity.

Buy flanges and spools online at HeshkaOil.com to save more money and spend less time sourcing parts.

Find Flanges and Spools for a Variety of Applications

Quality, durability, affordability - you can expect it all with Heshka Oil equipment. Our flanges and spools are on par with leading manufacturers and are interchangeable with all API 6A manufactured components. We offer spacer spools, adapter spools, swivel spools, blind flanges, weld neck flanges and test flanges. We also offer a large assortment of WECO style flanges that have a flange by weco design.

API 6A Standards

At HeshkaOil.com you’ll find API 6A flanges and spools. They meet international standards for performance, materials, design and function. All spools are also API monogrammed.

High Performance Materials

All the Heshka Oil flanges and spools for sale on our website are made with high performance materials that offer superior durability, including AISI 4130 alloy steel. 


B.O.P. spacing

Connecting flanges that are out of alignment

Close the ends of pipes

Kill, manifold and choke applications

Liquid and processing equipment for water, oil and natural gas

Well head extension


Chemical and petrochemical plants

Natural gas

Oil and gas operations

Off-shore rigs

Power plants


Ship building sites 

Water treatment plants

Need help choosing the right flanges and spools? Our team has extensive knowledge about the specifications and applications for each of our products. Give us a call for more information or help finding the perfect solution for your operation.

Online Ordering, Personal Service

We appreciate personalized service and understand the practicality of online ordering. When you work with Heshka Oil you get the best of both worlds. We were the first to offer oil and gas companies the ability to order parts online so getting replacement parts didn’t hinder production. The customer service team is just as knowledgeable and helpful as anyone you’d speak to in a brick-and-mortar store. Best of all, we’re just a call away.

Your API 6A Manufacturer for Flanges and Spools 

If consistent quality is a top priority Heshka Oil has you covered. We’re an API 6A Manufacturer with a quality control system for every part we produce. Our customers need to know that the flanges and spools they order online will have the durability and functionality needed out in the field. The quality control system ensures each and every part will work as expected and hold up in strenuous working conditions. 

Save Time and Money by Ordering Flanges and Spools Online!