Type FLS Manual Slab Gate Valve - API 6A Monogrammed

Type FLS Slab Gate Valve

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650.00 LBS

Cameron Type FLS Manual Slab Gate Valve - API 6A Monogrammed

Heshka Oil's manual FLS style gate valves are available in a multitude of variations. These API 6A monogrammed valves come in your choice of size, pressure, trim level, product specification level, temperature class, performance requirement and ring type joint inlays.

The FLS type manual gate valves utilize a single seat design with dual energized seals.

Sizes and pressures available include: 1-13/16" 10K, 1-13/16" 15K, 2-1/16" 5K, 2-1/16" 10K, 2-1/16" 15K, 2-9/16" 5K, 2-9/16" 10K, 2-9/16" 15K, 3-1/8" 5K, 3-1/16" 10K, 3-1/16" 15K, 4-1/16" 5K, 4-1/16" 10K and 4-1/16" 15K.


Forged Body and Bonnet with AISI 4130 75K

410 Stainless Steel Slab Gate with Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing

410 Stainless Steel Seat with Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing

410 SST Stem with QPQ Nitride


Please select the size required from the drop down menu.


Material Class: EE-1.5, PSL3

Temperature Class: L, U

Performance Requirement: PR1

API 6A Monogrammed