Type FLS-R Hydraulic Gate Valve - Frac Valve

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5,000.00 LBS

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Cameron Type FLS-R Hydraulically Operated Gate Valve - API 6A Monogrammed Frac Valve

Convenience, cost savings and Cameron compatible FLS-R style frac valves - you can get it all at HeshkaOil.com. It’s now easier than ever to keep your operation up and running!

Product Information

Heshka Oil offers a complete line of FLS-R style frac valves. The type FLS-R hydraulic gate valves for sale on our site are hydraulically actuated. We also offer a ball screw operated version. This valve is a great choice for large bore and high pressure situations in production, manifold and fracturing applications.

Our Type FLS-R valves to use a metal-to-metal gate and seat design, which eliminates the body bushings required by the older FC style valves. You’ll be able to service the valves much easier with minimal spare part requirements.

Each seat utilizes an OD and ID face seal for maximum protection against contaminants.

Sizes and Pressures

Type FLS-R hydraulic gate valves in a variety of sizes are available and ready to ship:

5-1/18" 5K

5-1/8" 10K

5-1/8" 15K

7-1/16" 5K

7-1/16" 10K

7-1/16" 15K

Classes and Performance

Material Class: EE-0.5, PSL3

Temperature Class: L, U

Performance Requirement: PR1

API 6A Monogrammed

When you buy type FLS-R hydraulic gate valves from Heshka Oil you know you’re getting equipment that meets the highest quality standards. All of our FLS-R style frac valves are API 6A monogrammed.

Experience the Convenience of Online Ordering

Find the find type FLS-R hydraulic gate valves you need without ever leaving the job site. Heshka Oil revolutionized the industry by making oil and gas equipment available online. It saves you time and money without sacrificing the personalized service you’ve come to expect.

Save Time and Money by Ordering Type FLS-R Hydraulic Gate Valves Online!