Wellhead Hydraulic Lubricator

Heshka Oil Wellhead Hydraulic Lubricator


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2,000.00 LBS

Patent Pending Wellhead Hydraulic Lubricator

The oil and gas industry can be volatile, so it’s important to minimize operation costs even when the market is up. At Heshka Oil our business is built on giving oilfield operators better value and performance with every part. We promise you’ll find our wellhead hydraulic lubricator is right up there with Cameron equipment - but the price isn’t.

Get quality that’s comparable to Cameron at a much better cost - buy a wellhead hydraulic lubricator from Heshka Oil.

Wellhead Hydraulic Lubricator Product Information

Meet “The Equalizer”.

The Equalizer is designed to help both snub the hanger and install or remove a type H back pressure valve. This particular product is patent pending and the only hydraulic lubricator on the market that is pressure balanced and does not require a trailer for the HPU. This is also the only lubricator on the market that is completely automated.

We have eliminated the need for having someone manually rotating the polished rod, thus making this the safest unit on the market.

Bending your current rods? We eliminate this because we are not trying to fight the well pressure with hydraulic pressure. The fully pressure balanced Equalizer is balanced both above and below the hanger at all times until the BPV is set and tool retrieved.


Approximately 1,500 lbs


Fracking, Wellhead Operations, BPV Installation and Removal 



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Superior Quality Control for Better Reliability

When Heshka Oil is your parts supplier reliability is something you don’t have to worry about. Your parts will go through an API 6A certified quality control system that checks every component. This extra measure ensures that every part we ship will work as expected on the worksite.

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