Drilling Choke Control Consoles

Control Consoles

Get high-quality control consoles for popular drilling chokes without paying brand name prices. Heshka Oil control consoles are designed to work seamlessly with Cameron® and SWACO® drilling chokes. You’ll get precise choke control and fast response that enhance drilling operations while lowering overhead. 

Heshka Oil control consoles are streamlined drilling command centers that optimize performance without increasing cost. Call us today to speak with a knowledgeable technician that can provide details about our affordable, high-performance control consoles.

Find Control Consoles That Are Custom-Built for Your Drilling Operation

We have in-stock control consoles for sale that are ready to ship today. We also offer custom designs to fit your exact needs. Every control console we build is guaranteed to work with SWACO and Cameron choke valves, drilling chokes and other components. Most control panels ship within 2 weeks if not already in stock.

The control consoles for sale at HeshkaOil.com include:

  • Control Console for Dual Cameron® Drilling Chokes

  • Control Console for Dual SWACO® Drilling Chokes

  • Control Console for Single Cameron® Drilling Chokes

  • Control Console for Single SWACO® Drilling Chokes

Heshka Oil control consoles are every bit as reliable and durable as name brand counterparts. The only difference you’ll notice is the price you pay.

Buy Control Consoles Quick and Easy

Heshka Oil has revolutionized the oil and gas drilling industry by creating the first ever online ordering process for control consoles, valves and thousands of other replacement parts. It’s a timesaving, cost cutting service you can’t find anywhere else. In minutes your control console can be ordered and arrive on-site in a matter of days.

Heshka Oil API 6A Certified control consoles and parts are affordable alternatives for Cameron® and SWACO® products. The control consoles for sale from Heshka Oil are also proudlymade in the USA.

Save Time and Money by Ordering Online Control Consoles from Heshka Oil!