Type H Back Pressure Valves

Order Type H Back Pressure and Two Way Check Valves Online

Type H back pressure valves are among our top-selling products. The H back pressure check valve is designed to thread into the tubing hanger for safe removal of the BOP and installation of the Christmas tree. The H two way check valve is installed in the tubing hanger to allow the Christmas tree to be tested. 

Our selection of back pressure valves and accessories includes:

  • One way check valves
  • Two way check valves
  • Installation tools
  • Replacement springs
  • Replacement pistons

Order Your H Back Pressure Valve Online

Heshka Oil was the first manufacturer to offer oil rig and drilling suppliers the ability to order back pressure valves online. Get unparalleled convenience that cuts cost and saves time.

Heshka Oil Type H back pressure check valves are 100% interchangeable with Cameron® products. All of the H back pressure valves for sale from Heshka Oil are made here in the USA by skilled machinists. Parts are in-stock and ready to ship. 

Order Your Type H Back Pressure Valve Online

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