Back Pressure Valve Lubricator

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1,000.00 LBS

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Back Pressure Valve Pressure Balanced Manually Operated Lubricator

Lubricator Product Information

The Heshka Oil PBMO lubricator is designed to help install and remove the back pressure valve into the tubing hanger. These lubricators can also be used as VR lubricators when needed.


Depends on Stroke Length but approximately 1,000 LBS


The Heshka Oil Pressure Balanced Manually Operated (PBMO) Lubricator can be customized for most stroke lengths required up to around 20 FT. There is no welding used in our design and the lubricator can accommodate either a 1-1/8" polished rod or a 1-1/4" polished rod by simply changing the rod and packings. The packings used are spring energized and do not require the use of a packing gland nut wrench.


BPV and TWCV Installation and Removal


Manual operation with rotation achieved by the use of a Parmelee or Gear Wrench.

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