CIW FC valve versus the FLS valve

CIW FC valve versus the FLS valve

You may hear about both the FC and FLS style Cameron gate valves when you are deciding on project options and when you are getting quotes for purchasing your valves. So what is the difference in these two gate valves?

The FC valve was the original design from CIW that has been used for more years than I can remember. It consists of 6 sealing surfaces:

Body to Body Bushing (x2)

Body Bushing to Seat Ring (x2)

Seat Ring to Gate (x2)

The Cameron FLS is the replacement for the FC and only consists of 4 sealing surfaces:

Body to Seat (x2)

Seat to Gate (x2)

The seat seals of the FLS were upgraded to dual spring-loaded, pressure energized, non-elastomeric lip-seals between the seat and body to protect from damage and assist in low pressure sealing.

The FLS valve also eliminated the need for gate guides which allows the gate to float with less restriction.

So how do you choose between the two?

Most applications will only require the FC and is usually the preferred option due to lead time, price and availability of replacement parts.

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19th Dec 2014