Gate for the Cameron Style Drilling Choke 5-15KPSI

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2.00 LBS

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Gate for the Cameron Style Drilling Choke 5-15KPSI

Cameron is known for leading the way in drilling choke technology, but that doesn’t mean you have to overpay for Cameron replacement parts. Heshka Oil is a premier aftermarket parts manufacturer and supplier that specializes in Cameron compatible equipment. Our gate gives you precise control out in the field when you’re using a hydraulic choke.

With Heshka Oil you can also save money and minimize downtime by ordering online - buy a gate for the Cameron style drilling choke 10M and 15M in minutes!

Cameron Style Drilling Choke Gate Product Information

The standard cylindrical orifice gate design is made to work perfectly with your existing Cameron hydraulic choke. We’ve designed this gate to operate reliably even in the harshest drilling conditions and cold temperatures. 


2.00 lbs

Sizes and Pressures

The gate for the Cameron style drilling choke for sale at has a 2” diameter and is rated to operate at 10,000 PSI and 15,000 PSI. 

Cameron Compatible

These gates are fully compatible with the Cameron style hydraulic drilling choke.


The gate works with the seat of the drilling choke to shut off the flow of fluid. 

Need another part for your Cameron style hydraulic choke? 

At you’ll find thousands of parts that are in stock and ready to be shipped. Give our customer service team a call for personal assistance locating the parts you need.

Top-Quality Gates From an API 6A Manufacturer and Supplier 

When you order Cameron style drilling choke parts to replace your current equipment you want assurance that everything will work as expected. Heshka Oil can give you that assurance. We’re an API 6A parts manufacturer and supplier that utilizes a world-class quality control system. Once parts are built they are then tested to ensure they meet the highest performance standards.

Save Time and Money by Ordering a Gate for the Cameron Style Drilling Choke 10M and 15M Online!