All About FLS-R Hydraulic Gate Valves


Learn what FLS-R hydraulic gate valves are used for out in the oilfield.

The FLS-R style hydraulic gate valve is a bi-directional slab gate valve with high quality components, which make this valve top-of-the-line when it comes to FRAC operations. These valves are best suited for large-bore, high pressure environments.

If this sounds like the type of environment you work in, then keep reading to learn more about how FLS-R hydraulic gate valves operate.

How FLS-R Hydraulic Gate Valves Work

The FLS-R style hydraulic gate valve’s bi-directional design provides versatile flow direction and increased service life. It uses both a hydraulic actuator and a lower balance stem for ease of operation. FLS-R gate valves are also available with a ball screw mechanism which makes the manual style valve easy to operate in the field.

There’s a metal-to-metal sealing between the gate and seat. The valve uses spring energized lip seals with a virgin peek jacket from the seat to the body. The sophisticated design of the seals prevents the invasion of contaminants into the body of the valve, thus maximizing the lifespan of the internal components and improving the valve’s performance at low pressures.

FLS-R Hydraulic Gate Valve Sizes

There are numerous size and pressure configurations for the FLS-R hydraulic gate valve. The sizes of the valves in the FLS-R style range from 4-1/16” – 7-1/16” with pressure ratings of 10,000 – 15,000 PSI.

Where to Get FLS-R Hydraulic Gate Valves

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Posted On:

26th Feb 2022