All You Need to Know About Valve Stem Packing


Find out how to choose the best stem packing for FC and FLS style gate valves.

Stem packings provide a critical seal in the FC and FLS style gate valves, and the integrity of these seals are crucial to the performance of the valve. The stem packing is installed over the stem and sits inside the bonnet of the valve. It’s function is to contain the valve pressure to its internal cavity.

Heshka Oil’s extensive inventory of replacement parts for the FC and FLS style gate valves includes various stem packings. Keep reading to learn more about the specifications of stem packings before placing an order.

Common Stem Packing Sizes and Pressures

Stem packings are available for all sizes and pressures of FC and FLS style valves. The sizes include everything from 1-13/16” to 7-1/16” with rated working pressures up to 15,000 psi and sometimes higher.

It’s important to note that when using a stem packing in a 15,000 psi rated working pressure FC valve, a backup ring is usually required. For the FLS we normally use a back up in both the 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi applications. Heshka Oil stocks the replacement backup rings for all sizes of stem packings that we carry.

Materials Used to Make the Stem Packing

The stem packings for these FC and FLS gate valves come standard in two different material options, in addition to the different sizes and pressure ratings offered. These two options are:

Teflon U Cup with an Elastomer Filling - The Teflon U cup is the most common packing found in FC style gate valves.

Spring Energized Peek Seal - The spring energized peek stem packing is more commonly used in FLS valves as well as high pressure and high temperature environments.

Order Stem Packings Online or Over the Phone

No matter the style of stem packing needed for your FLS or FC style valve, Heshka Oil has you covered with high quality parts at a low price. Call one of our experienced sales reps at 936-760-3453 or visit our website to order online in minutes. With locations in both Conroe and Midland we can ship directly to our customers with reduced lead times that minimize downtime.

Save Time and Money - Buy Stem Packing Online!

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Posted On:

30th Dec 2021