Buying a Blind Flange Replacement


Learn how blind flanges are used and where you can find a replacement part.

Blind flanges are another API 6A product that Heshka Oil keeps in stock and ready to ship to our customers. It’s a piece of equipment that can be used in many environments for a number of uses. In this post we’re explaining just what a blind flange is used for and how they’re made. Keep reading to find out more!

Blind Flange Uses in the Oil and Gas Industry

Blind flanges are used to terminate pipelines in both onshore and offshore oil and gas applications. These applications include, but are not limited to:

When an outlet needs to be closed a blind flange is usually the part that’s needed to make sure everything is sealed off properly.

Blind Flange Construction

Blind flanges are usually made from AISI 4130, but they can be made from different types of material upon request. Heshka Oil offers blind flange sizes ranging from 1-13/16” to 7-1/16”. The pressure ratings for each blind flange are from 2,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI.

Another component that Heshka Oil offers is the conversion of blind flanges into test flanges. This is done by drilling and tapping either a ½” NPT port or 9/16” autoclave port into the top or side of the flange. The port depends on the pressure rating required.

Where to Find Blind Flanges

Blind flanges are a standard component for Heshka Oil that are compatible with other API equipment. Our customers know that Heshka Oil stocks API blind flanges for many different applications, and they’re ready to ship out to customers immediately.

Parts can be ordered online in minutes at If you prefer to place an order over the phone you can call our experienced sales team at 936-760-3453. With locations in both Conroe and Midland, TX we can get blind flanges and other replacement parts shipped out fast anywhere in the country.

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Posted On:

16th Nov 2021