Buying an Air Hose for a Drilling Choke Control Console


Find out what air hoses for drilling choke consoles are made of and why it matters.

An air hose is a simple component that can prove to be vital out in the field. So vital it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra on hand just in case you need one.

That’s why Heshka Oil carries stock in a variety of different replacement parts for OEM products including air hoses for drilling choke consoles. These air hoses are manufactured by well-known companies such as Goodyear and are a lightweight, economical solution for drilling choke control console operation.

Why Air Hose Construction Matters

There are two main types of material used to create air hoses; standard rubber and Pliovic. In some applications a standard rubber air hose is sufficient, but Pliovic air hoses have a few advantages.

Pliovic air hoses are suitable for a wide range of environments and are proven to be some of the best air hoses in the industry. Unlike conventional rubber air hoses, our Goodyear Pliovic air hose will not absorb grease or oil. It also has spiral synthetic yarn reinforcement, so it remains flexible in all temperatures for superior performance.

However, not all applications require Pliovic. For operation in environments that aren’t as harsh standard rubber hoses are more than adequate. At Heshka Oil we only carry top name brands that are sure to meet your requirements.

Order Air Hoses for Drilling Choke Consoles the Easy Way

At Heshka Oil we have air hoses in both Nitrile rubber and Pliovic material so we have you covered in all environments. Heshka Oil’s air hoses are in stock and available directly from our website. You can find what you need and complete a purchase at in minutes. Prefer to talk to someone before making a purchase decision? Then call us directly and speak to one of our experienced sales reps at 936-760-3453.

We’re strategically positioned to serve the oil and gas industry with locations in both Conroe and Midland, TX. We’ll get you the parts you need, fast!

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Posted On:

16th Nov 2021