Choosing Hammer Unions


Discover what you need to know before selecting a hammer union for your flow lines.

Hammer unions are one of the most common connection types used in oil and gas production. Hammer unions are reliable, heavy-duty high-pressure connections for flow lines. Each hammer union is distinctly color coded and marked for specific configurations making it easier to identify the correct application for each hammer union.

Heshka Oil offers hammer unions as part of our product line up. Here’s what our experts say you need to know before selecting a hammer union.

Hammer Union Sizes

There’s a wide range of stock for hammer unions that come in different sizes and configurations. The most common sizes carried range from 1” to 6” with other sizes being available upon request. At Heshka Oil we carry all of the standard sizes and are equipped to create custom sizes as well.

Hammer Union Connection Types

Each hammer union can have either a buttweld connection type or a threaded end connection depending on the application. Another available option for hammer unions that Heshka Oil provides is hammer unions for H2S service.

Why You Don’t Want to Mix Hammer Union Configurations

It’s important to never mix configurations when you’re working with hammer unions. Mixing configurations can result in a blowout and cause property damage, serious injury and/or death. This is a hazard that is completely avoidable given that hammer unions are clearly labeled and color coded based on configuration.

When you need hammer unions for the environment you are working in, there’s no other place you need to look than Heshka Oil. We’re sure to have the hammer union you need for your specific application, and our delivery service is unmatched. Call and speak to one of our experienced sales reps or order hammer unions directly from our website at

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Posted On:

26th Feb 2022