Choosing the Right Retainer Plates


Discover what retainer plates do in type FC and FLS gate valves.

Retainer plates are used in the type FC gate valve on both sides of the gate. They act as the housing for the seat rings in the valve. FLS gate valves only use one retainer plate that sits at the bottom of the gate valve and keeps the seats in place during assembly.

It is not very often that the retainer plates will need to be replaced in your FC or FLS style gate valve, but when you do need them Heshka Oil has you covered. Type FC and FLS gate valve retainer plates are available directly from our warehouse. Read on to learn more about how a retainer plate is made and what to consider when you purchase replacement retainer plates.

Retainer Plate Construction Materials

FC style retainer plates are usually made from a 1018 carbon steel while the FLS retainer plates are usually a 300 grade of stainless. Another common material used for these retainer plates is 410 stainless steel. With Heshka Oils’ machining capabilities, we can produce retainer plates in many other materials based on specific customer requirements.

Sizes and Pressure Ratings of Retainer Plates

Heshka Oil carries retainer plates for FC and FLS style gate valves of all sizes. They range from 1-13/16” all the way to 7-1/16”. In addition, our retainer plates are compatible with rated working pressures of 2,000 to 20,000 psi.

Get Retainer Plates Ordered Quickly Online

Retainer plates are not the most in-demand replacement part for FC and FLS style gate valves, so finding one when you need it can prove to be a challenge. Heshka Oil is the first place you should check because we have retainer plates stocked and ready to ship.

We have you covered with retainer plates in all sizes and pressures. With us as your reliable parts supplier you don’t have to worry about worn out retainer plates causing you to be delayed longer than needed at your job site.Contact Heshka Oil at 936-760-3453 or visit us at to place a purchase order in minutes. Our locations in both Conroe and Midland ensure the quickest possible deliveries.

Save Time and Money - Buy Retainer Plates Online!

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Posted On:

30th Dec 2021