CIW Hydraulic Drilling Choke Carbide Seats Explained


Find out what CIW style hydraulic drilling chokes do and why carbide seats are needed for these chokes to work out in the field.

Do you use CIW (Type C) style hydraulic drilling chokes? If so, you’ll need replacement parts to keep your chokes operating smoothly. One of the most commonly replaced parts is the seat. In this post, we’re explaining what CIW hydraulic drilling chokes do and why the construction of carbide seats is superior out in the field.

Applications for CIW Hydraulic Drilling Chokes

Type C hydraulic drilling chokes are used in many different applications in the oil and gas industry. The most common use for the hydraulic drilling choke is its application in a choke and kill manifold system. These chokes are more accurate than the standard H2 adjustable choke and give operators more control over the flow in the system. They can also be used in other drilling and production scenarios where precise flow control is essential.

Type C Hydraulic Carbide Seats

One of the many available replacement parts from Heshka Oil for CIW style hydraulic drilling chokes is the seat. Heshka Oil’s drilling choke seat is made from the highest quality carbide and can withstand the harshest environments, even when there is the presence of H2S & CO2.

Heshka Oil’s Unique Carbide Seat Construction

All of our carbide seats for the CIW hydraulic drilling chokes are made here in the USA and 100% OEM interchangeable. Our carbide seats are also a component that is reversible. This gives the carbide seat the unique ability to be used on the opposite side for increased durability and a longer life cycle.

Get Critical Replacement Carbide Seats Quickly

At Heshka Oil we know how critical the Type C hydraulic drilling chokes can be in our customer’s applications. When your carbide seat needs to be replaced, we can deliver a quality product that you know is going to work as expected. Our quality control system ensures that every part we ship out operates perfectly.

As an added convenience, carbide seats for CIW (Type C) hydraulic drilling chokes are available for purchase directly through our website. You can also reach one of our sales reps by phone at 936-760-3453 if you need personal assistance placing an order.

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Posted On:

22nd Jun 2022