Control Consoles for CAMERON and SWACO Style Hydraulic Drilling Chokes


Learn what a control console does and how to find the one that’s best for your hydraulic drilling chokes.

The control console provides important information regarding your drilling choke such as pump stroke count, pressures and choke position. Let’s take a closer look at this piece of equipment that keeps you informed out in the field.

How Control Consoles Are Used

The control console is used to operate the drilling choke or chokes, which are normally mounted on choke and kill manifolds. These control consoles allow the operator to:

  • Open and close the choke to the desired flow rate
  • Count the pump strokes
  • Show pressure readouts for the standpipe, kill and choke
  • Show the choke position

The control console does all of this from a central location. Heshka Oil can customize the console to match your specific needs and provide the operator with pertinent information.

Control Consoles With Cameron Quality at a Lower Cost

Control consoles for CAMERON and SWACO style hydraulic drilling chokes are available for purchase directly from Heshka Oil. With a control console from Heshka Oil you are getting a level of quality that is unmatched.

Our control consoles are designed to operate Cameron and SWACO style chokes in the harshest of environments with either a stainless steel or carbon steel frame. They are 100% compatible, guaranteed. We can also offer custom consoles to meet your specific needs and applications.

Ordering Control Consoles From Heshka Oil

Heshka Oil control consoles for hydraulic drilling chokes aren’t just high-quality for a low price. We also offer unparalleled convenience for our customers. Many of our parts can be ordered online, and all parts can be bought by calling our customer service team. They are product experts that can help you find the right equipment, secure the best price possible and answer all of your questions.

Call Heshka Oil today at 936-760-3453 to find out more about our control consoles and get personal assistance building a custom-tailored console for your next job.

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Posted On:

28th Sep 2021