Enhance Efficiency and Reliability With Heshka Oil's Chevron-Style Packing for Lubricators


Discover how chevron-style packing works to optimize the performance of your lubricators.

At Heshka Oil, we understand the importance of efficient lubricators in the oil and gas industry. Our lubricators are designed to deliver optimal performance, and a crucial component that ensures effective sealing is our Chevron-style packing.

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of this packing style as well as how it enhances efficiency and reliability in lubricators.

Effective Shaft Sealing With Chevron-Style Packing

Heshka Oil's Chevron-style packing is designed to provide excellent sealing for polished rods in lubricators. Its V-shaped design allows for reliable sealing by conforming to the shape of the shaft, creating a barrier that prevents fluid leakage. This ensures that fluid remains contained within the lubricator, avoiding wear and maintaining consistent operation.

Chevron-Style Packing Provides Dust and Contaminant Prevention

In addition to sealing against fluid leakage, Heshka Oil's Chevron-style packing is effective in preventing dust, dirt, and other contaminants from entering the lubricator system. The packing acts as a protective barrier that keeps foreign particles from compromising the quality and effectiveness of the PBMO Lubricator. This feature is particularly important in applications where maintaining cleanliness and preventing equipment damage are crucial.

Versatile Dynamic Sealing From the Design

Chevron-style packings excel in dynamic sealing applications, making them ideal for lubricators. They can accommodate both rotary and reciprocating motions, ensuring a reliable seal during operational cycles. Whether the lubricator operates with rotational motion or reciprocating action, the Chevron-style packing adapts to the movement, providing consistent and efficient sealing performance.

Excellent Temperature and Chemical Resistance

Heshka Oil's Chevron-style packing is designed to withstand demanding operating conditions. It is engineered from high-quality elastomeric materials, such as nitrile and HNBR, that offer excellent temperature and chemical resistance. This allows the packing to maintain its sealing properties even in harsh environments with high temperatures, corrosive fluids, or challenging chemicals.

Extended Equipment Life and Reduced Maintenance

By effectively sealing the lubricator system, Heshka Oil's Chevron-style packing helps extend the life of the equipment. It minimizes the risk of fluid leakage, which can lead to premature wear and damage to internal components.

Additionally, the reliable sealing performance reduces the need for frequent maintenance, contributing to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Why Heshka Oil is the Supplier You Want to Work With

When it comes to efficiency, Heshka Oil's Chevron-style packing for lubricators is the solution. With its effective shaft sealing, dust and contaminant exclusion, versatile dynamic sealing, temperature and chemical resistance, and contribution to extended equipment life, this packing enhances efficiency and reliability. But that’s only possible if the packing performs as expected.

Oil and gas operations know they can trust Heshka Oil to provide top-quality components that optimize lubrication operations. We use a quality control system that ensures every product that ships will perform perfectly.

To learn more about our Chevron-style packing and other innovative lubricator solutions, visit our website at www.heshkaoil.com where you can make a direct purchase any hour of the day. For more information on products or placing a custom order get in touch with our expert team. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and customer support for your Lubricator needs.

Posted On:

19th Sep 2023