Find a Gate for the Type FLS Manual Slab Gate Valve - 410 SST Hardfaced - Super Trim


What is an FLS Type Gate Valve?

FLS Gate Valves are valves that incorporate a slab gate to block fluid flow. Because of this, these valves should be operated either fully open or fully closed.

FLS Valves used in oilfield applications are for the control of oil and gas media such as hydrocarbons, cement for cementing operations, manifolds for well control or fracturing operations and production and frac wellhead trees.

Compatible With Cameron Valves

The valves supplied by Heshka Oil are fully compatible with the Cameron manual gate valve type FLS. The internals are fully interchangeable between our valve and Cameron valves.

Configurations, Sizes and Pressures

Our FLS gate valves are provided in sizes 1-13/16” to 7 1/16” and pressure ratings from 2,000 to 15,000 psi. The valves are full bore through conduit in standard flange configurations. They come in manually operated, pneumatically operated or hydraulically operated configurations.


The gate for the Type FLS Manual Slab Gate Valve - 410 SST Hardfaced - Super Trim online at is designed for critical applications including sour service and fracturing operations.


The valve is bi-directional in nature and includes metal to metal sealing between the gate and seat interface. There are two spring-loaded, pressure energized, non-elastomeric seals between each seat and the valve body. These seals provide low pressure sealing assist as well as provide a barrier to keeping particulate matter from entering the valve body cavity.

Maintenance and Service

Easily field serviceable, utilization of the stem to bonnet backseat feature allows for the replacement of the stem packing, bearings, bearing races and grease fittings all with pressure still in the valve ensuring production can continue.

Commonality of parts across some sizes and pressure ranges reduces inventory and gives greater flexibility during the maintenance and service of these valves.

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Posted On:

7th Dec 2020