Find a Type H2 Needle and Seat Style Adjustable Choke


What is an H2 Adjustable Choke Valve?

The H2 adjustable choke valve is a needle and seat choke that is used to keep fluid or gas flowing at a specific required rate. The flow can be adjusted by the needle and seat and then locked when the flow rate is reached.


The applications for H2 adjustable chokes vary from wellheads to choke and kill manifolds to production manifolds and many other operations. The type H2 needle and seat style adjustable choke online at is suitable for working in erosive or corrosive conditions.

Configurations and Components

Our type H2 needle and seat style adjustable choke comes in different configurations. All of the adjustable chokes have four components:

●Needle - The needle is made from 410 or 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and is manufactured with a carbide tip.

●Seat - The seat is also 410 or 17-4 PH SST and has a carbide lining insert.

●Bonnet assembly

●Body - The body can consist of flanged ends from 2-1/16” through 4-1/16” or with line pipe connections.

The carbide on these components is used to increase the lifespan of the components when used in erosive or corrosive conditions. Alternatively, Inconel is available for extremely corrosive environments.

The minimal components in the H2 choke make both operation and maintenance easy and convenient. The adjustable choke can also be quickly converted to a positive choke by replacing the seat with a fixed flow bean and the bonnet assembly with a wing nut and plug.

All these components are 100% interchangeable with OEM H2 adjustable chokes. Heshka Oil manufactures and tests H2 adjustable chokes to conform with API 6A standards.

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Posted On:

7th Dec 2020