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What is a Type R Check Valve?

The Type R Check valve is a one-way valve designed to keep flow moving in one direction only. The flow passes through the valve and pushes the poppet up to compress the spring for passthrough. When backflow occurs, the spring pushes the poppet back against the seat seal and prevents flow from returning through the valve.

These check valves are used in kill lines on the Christmas tree or after the manifold.

Type R Check Valve Components

The main components of a Type R check valve are the body, bonnet, seat, seat screw, seat seal, poppet and spring. The body size ranges from 1-13/16” to 4-1/16” flanged connections.


The seat, poppet, seat screw and spring can come in many different materials, the most common being 410 and 316 SS. Inconel is also available for these parts for use in harsher conditions.

Bonnet Gaskets are made standard from Viton material with 90 Duro hardness. The seats seals are also manufactured standard with Viton 90 Duro hardness but can also be either nitrile or HSN depending on the conditions in which the check valve is being used.

API 6A Monogrammed Parts

Heshka Oil is one of the most trusted valve manufacturers in the USA because we put quality first. The Type R Check Valve manufactured by Heshka Oil is assembled and tested to API 6A quality standards. No component leaves our facility unless it works perfectly.

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Compatible With the Cameron Type R Check Valve

All of the components that Heshka Oil uses, and sells, are 100% interchangeable with the OEM Type R check valve. That includes Cameron check valve Type R parts.

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Posted On:

7th Dec 2020