Finding an Affordable, Compatible Type H2 Choke Needle


Learn about the Type H2 choke needles available from Heshka Oil.

Heshka Oil carries replacement stems for the H2 adjustable choke that are reliable and affordable. The stem, commonly called the needle, of a Type H2 adjustable choke is used in the choke body to help control the flow of fluid.

The H2 choke needles from Heshka Oil are available in different sizes and materials, all of which are in stock and can be ordered online.

OEM Compatibility

All our H2 choke stems or needles are interchangeable with original equipment manufacturer chokes. That includes compatibility with Cameron Type H2 chokes.

Materials and Construction

Our Type H2 choke needle is constructed using either 410 Stainless Steel or 17-4 PH Stainless Steel for enhanced durability. The tip of the stem is made from tungsten carbide to withstand the harshest of environments.

The stem features an external thread for easy installation into the bonnet of the choke. Heshka Oil can also manufacture Type H2 choke stems with different materials upon request. That’s the advantage of working with a supplier that’s also a manufacturer.


Like our H2 choke seat, the stem for the H2 chokes are available in two sizes. There’s a 2” max orifice as well as a 1” max orifice.

Quality, Affordability and Convenience - That’s the Heshka Oil difference

Finding and acquiring replacement parts is a different experience at Forget about the time-consuming process of ordering parts in person. With us there’s no need to allocate part of your day to placing an order. Our revolutionary platform gives you the ability to order thousands of oil and gas parts in minutes.

This streamlined ordering process is more cost-effective and we pass the savings on to you. We’re able to provide the same level of quality, reliability and durability for less than the competition.

No matter the size or material of the H2 adjustable choke valve stem or needle you are looking for, Heshka Oil has you covered. We keep H2 choke needles in all sizes and materials stocked and ready to ship directly to you. You can also order H2 adjustable seats or beans online through or by calling directly at 936-760-3453.

Save Time and Money - Buy a H2 Choke Needle Online!

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Posted On:

15th Aug 2021