FLS Gate Valve Guide


Learn how a gate valve works and why they are a vital piece of equipment.

What is an FLS Gate Valve?

The FLS gate valve is a slab gate valve with bi-directional sealing and improved design simplicity. Like the older FC style gate valve, the FLS slab gate valve also has a non-rising stem. The FLS style gate valve uses the newest technology when it comes to material and seals. With a similar price point to the FC, it's hard not to consider replacing that old FC with the newer style FLS. Every Heshka Oil valve is a reliable replacement for an OEM Cameron FC or FLS gate valve.


This high-quality valve is used for the most severe applications, including extreme sour service and subsea applications. The FLS gate valve is widely considered in the industry to be the new standard for gate valves.


The standard FLS slab gate valve body is a forged body made from 4130 material with 75k yield. The main internal components of the valve include:

  • Two seats
  • One slab gate
  • One retainer plate
  • One stem
  • Two inner face seals
  • Two outer face seals

The design simplicity allows for easier maintenance of the valve. Standard materials for the gate and seats are 410 stainless steel with a tungsten carbide hardfacing, and the stems are also 410 Stainless Steel with a QPQ nitride coating.

Sizes and Pressures

There are many different configuration options for the FLS style gate valve. Heshka Oil offers sizes ranging from 1-13/16” to 4-1/16” with pressures from 5K to 15K. Temperature ratings are from L to X and the material classes include DD, EE, FF and HH with EE being the most common. All FLS style slab gate valves offered by Heshka Oil are tested to API 6A standard and the options for PSL 1 through 3 and PR 1 or 2 are monogrammed to 6A.

Assembled and Tested in the USA

Though there are quite a few different options for the FLS style slab gate valve, there should only be one choice when choosing a supplier. Heshka Oil is committed to providing our customers with a quality product at a great price. That’s why we assemble and test all our valves in-house here in Conroe, Texas!

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Posted On:

4th May 2021