FLS Valve Stem Essential Details


Learn why FLS valve stems are needed out in the oilfield and how to order the right part

Just as with FC style valves, Heshka Oil carries replacement parts for the newer FLS style slab gate valves, including valve stems. The FLS style valve uses fewer components making maintenance of the valve easier and less costly compared to an FC Gate Valve.

If your operation relies on FLS valves, having high-quality stems is a must. Make sure you get the right part for the job by learning more about how FLS valve stems work, what they’re made of and where to find them.

How an FLS Valve Stem Works

Like the FC style valve, the stem for the FLS style valve has left-handed threading and threads directly into the slab gate. The stem then connects to a stem adapter via a retention or dowel pin which allows for handwheel fitting that provides smooth operation of the slab gate.

FLS Valve Stem Construction

Heshka Oil carries stems for the FLS style slab gate in 410 stainless steel as a standard offering. However, with our machining capability, we can also provide our customers with a material of their choosing. Inconel 718 stems or 17-4 HH1150 Stainless are just a few other materials we can offer. Just give us a call to discuss custom stem construction with a product expert.

Common FLS Valve Stem Sizes and Pressures

In addition to the different materials, Heshka Oil also carries 12 different size stems. The stem size that’s needed will depend on the size of the valve needing the replacement. We carry all sizes from 1-13/16” all the way to 6-3/8”.

The second consideration is pressure. Our FLS valve stems have rated working pressures up to and including 15,000 PSI.

Where to Find FLS Valve Stems That Are Ready to Ship

Heshka Oil is always prepared to meet the needs of our customers. We keep thousands of oil and gas parts stocked at our warehouses, including FLS style stems for a wide array of different valves. And if we don’t have the part you’re looking for we can make it for you!

We know that downtime can be costly, so when you’re in need of that FLS stem call us at 936-760-3453 or visit our online store at www.heshkaoil.com to order your parts in minutes. With our quick turn-around times we will get you back up and running sooner than you thought.

Save Time and Money by Buying FLS Valve Stems Online!

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Posted On:

7th May 2022