FLS-R Hydraulic Gate Valve Quick Guide


Find out how a hydraulic operated gate valve works out in the field.

The FLS-R style hydraulic gate valve is a bi-directional slab gate valve with high-quality components, which make this valve top-of-the-line when it comes to FRAC production. It uses both a hydraulic actuator and lower balance stem for ease of operation. These valves are best suited for large-bore, high-pressure environments.

The FLS-R style hydraulic gate valve’s bi-directional design provides versatile flow direction and increased service life. It uses metal-to-metal sealing between the gate and seat while using spring energized seals from the seat to the body. The seat to body seal’s spring energized lip has a virgin peek jacket.

The sophisticated design of the seal prevents the invasion of contaminants into the body of the valve, thus maximizing the lifespan of the internal components and improving the valve’s performance at low pressures.

FLS-R Hydraulic Gate Valve Options

There are several different options for the FLS-R hydraulic gate valve. The sizes of the valves in the FLS-R style range from 4-1/16” – 7-1/16” with pressure ratings of 10,000 psi – 15,000 psi.

The FLS-R gate valve is also available with a ball screw mechanism which makes the manual style valve easy to operate in the field.

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Our FLS-R hydraulic gate valve is comparable to Cameron frac valves in quality and capability but not cost.

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Posted On:

3rd Jun 2021