Gate Valve Packing Gland


Learn how to find a packing gland for the Type FC and FLS style gate valves that’s affordable and reliable.

What is a Packing Gland Valve?

The packing gland for FC and FLS style gate valves is a component of the valve that is designed to be installed into the bonnet to keep the stem packing in place. The top of the packing gland is also used with the bottom bearing set of the stem adapter for smooth operation of the valve.

Though they are most commonly found in the FC and FLS style gate valves, packing glands are also used in other products, such as our PBMO lubricators. They perform the same function as that of a packing gland found in a valve in that they keep the packings in place under maximum design and test pressure.


Our packing gland is made from a carbon steel which is coated in black oxide. The outside diameter of the packing gland is threaded for easy installation into the bonnet of the valves.


The packing gland comes in a variety of sizes. Currently Heshka Oil offers 7 size configurations for 5,000 PSI, 10,000 PSI and 15,000 PSI.


Heshka Oil carries packing glands for all our offered valves which are completely interchangeable with OEM components, including Cameron gate valves. We also carry the packing glands required for all our PBMO lubricators should you need to replace one.

Serialization, Traceability and Quality Control

Though the packing gland for the FC and FLS style gate valve is usually not considered a critical component of the valve, Heshka Oil maintains its high standards through all our parts. This highly loaded component is treated the same way that any pressure containing or controlling part within the valve is treated. The same quality requirements are met including serialization and traceability.

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Posted On:

4th May 2021