Gate Valve Seat Seals


Discover why gate valve seat seals are needed and what to consider before ordering replacement parts.

Inner Diameter (ID) and Outer Diameter (OD) face seals used in type FLS gate valves and FLR-R slab gate valves are some of the most commonly replaced parts in this type of valve. These seals sit inside the grooves of the seat and seal on the seat pockets on either side of the valve. They also prevent any contaminants from entering the valve body which otherwise can cause damage and make for much more costly repairs.

Keep reading to learn more about these simple, yet vital valve parts.

Common Gate Valve Seat Seal Sizes and Pressure Ratings

These FLS ID and OD face seals are used in all sizes of valves. The valves range from 1-13/16” to 7-1/16” and require both an ID and OD face seal on each seat in the valve. Face seals from Heshka Oil have been qualified to pressures ranging from 300 PSI all the way up to 22,500 PSI to give you the peace of mind that when you install them in your equipment, they will seal the first time.

Heshka has an extensive stock of ID and OD face seals for the FLS and FLS-R style valves in all sizes.

Materials That Are Commonly Used for Gate Valve Seat Seals

In addition to the multiple sizes, each size can be made from the materials needed for your application. Heshka Oil even has proprietary blends of Teflon and PEEK materials that are tailored to specific operating conditions.

Are you operating in conditions where there is H2S, CO2, brine, acids or other harsh media? As a manufacturer Heshka Oil has a material solution for you. Our face seal assemblies for the FLS series come standard with a Carbon Moly filled PTFE Jacket with a Cantilever Spring in either 300 Series Stainless or Elgiloy.

If your application accepts the more cost effective Glass Fiber Moly PTFE, we also have these in stock on the shelf and ready to ship!

Buying Gate Valve Seat Seals on Their Own or in a Kit

If you’re looking for FLS Gate Valve ID and OD face seals, whether Teflon or Peek, you don’t need to look any further than Heshka Oil! We keep stock in all different sizes of ID and OD face seals because we know how important they can be to our customers’ projects. ID and OD face seals also come in both our major and minor repair kits for FLS and FLS-R style valves.

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2nd Dec 2021