Guide to Order Frac Heads (Goat Heads) Online


Find out what frac heads are and what role they play out in the oil field.

Heshka Oil offers frac heads as part of our extensive product line up. Frac heads, or goat heads as they are also known, are flow crosses containing four or more flanged or studded inlets. They are a critical piece of equipment for a fracking operation, so let’s take a closer look at how frac heads are constructed and what they can do out in the field.

Frac Head Applications

Frac heads are used on top of the frac tree to connect equipment such as flow iron or frac hoses to the tree. The frac head allows for the control of high-pressure fluid in the fracking process.

Frac Head Sizes, Pressures and Configurations

Frac heads come in many different sizes and configurations. They typically have a top and a bottom inlet and several other inlets around the top.

Size and working pressure are other specifications that can be determined by the customer. The most common sizes of frac heads offered by Heshka Oil range from 4-1/16” 10000 psi to 7-1/16” 15000 psi with a wide range of inlets.

Custom Frac Head Connections and Inlets

The type of top connection and bottom connection on the frac head is determined by the customer. The connections can either be flanged or studded. Another customer driven specification is the number of inlets required and even the degree of the angle for the inlets.

Getting Quality Frac Heads for an Affordable Price

Frac heads are an important part of the fracking process. As such, Heshka Oil knows the importance of a quality frac head in the field. The last thing you need is for equipment to fail at your jobsite.

With Heshka Oil’s quality and knowledge, you can be sure that when you need a frac head you’re getting the most for your money. We are an API 6A manufacturer that’s earned a reputation for our quality control procedures. Heshka Oil goes the extra mile to ensure every part works perfectly before being shipped.

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Posted On:

28th Sep 2021