How to Buy a Bonnet Gasket for the Type R Check Valve Online


Learn how our 6A valve bonnet gasket is made to provide a superior seal.

As with most valves, the Type R check valve uses a bonnet gasket to seal the valve body to bonnet interface. The key difference in the design of the gasket is the material. For the 10 and 15 kpsi working pressure it is a molded elastomeric seal that’s located in a recess in the body and is compressed by a raised portion on the bonnet. Since the seal is made from an elastomeric material and not 316 stainless steel like most other bonnet gaskets, it requires a lot less load to initiate and maintain a seal throughout the operating pressure range of the valve.

Construction of a Viton Bonnet Gasket for R Check Valves

The Heshka Oil type R bonnet gasket material of choice is FKM Fluoroelastomer (Viton) which has a braided fabric molded into the outer diameter for increased durability. The seal of a Viton bonnet gasket for R check valves is very good for temperatures ranging from 20 °F to 350° F. It also has good performance in most oilfield applications, including those with H2S <100 ppm up to 170°F.

Get a High-Quality, Custom-Built Bonnet Gasket for the Type R Check Valve

Heska Oil isn’t just a middleman supplier. We’re a full-service manufacturer that can design and build equipment specifically for your operation. For example, materials other than Viton can be used to make bonnet gaskets for the type R check valves that suit your specific environmental conditions.

All of our bonnet gaskets conform to API 6A so you know that they meet the highest quality standards in the industry. They are also an affordable alternative to Cameron replacement parts.

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Posted On:

3rd Jun 2021