Manual and Hydraulic FC Gate Valves


The FC Manual and Hydraulic Gate Valves are still some of the most widely used valves in the world, but why? For starters, the FC valve remains an average choice for drilling and completion. I say average because they are cost effective and replacement parts are widely available. It is not the first choice but also not the last. Many of the major drilling companies still use this as their go-to valve. Delivery schedule for these valves is usually quite fast due to the number of manufacturers of this valve.

Buyers for these valves should be aware that there are quite a few manufacturers that consider their valves OEM compatible, however some do not have correct tolerances on their parts. Buyers should feel confident knowing that Heshka Oil has taken all measures to make sure that our valves are 100% OEM Compatible.

There are a few downsides to the FC valves. The FC valves do not always have what I consider complete engagement. This allows debris to find its way into the valve where it does not have a good seal. More often than not, debris finds its way in between the seat and body bushing or seat and gate when there is not a good seal. The more recent Cameron FL series eliminates this by using the single seat design as well as using dual spring-loaded seals. 

With the cost, availability of parts and usually quick delivery times, it's no surprise why the FC valve is still hanging around.

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12th May 2015