MS Style Check Valve - How They Work


Find out how MS style check valves work as well as how they compare to Type R check valves.

The MS style check valve is a flow-through back check valve designed with metal-to-metal seals between the body and seat as well as the poppet and seat. This design eliminates the need for elastomers to be used in the valve. With the absence of elastomers this valve is capable of being used in harsh environments such as high or low temperature applications and/or highly corrosive applications.

MS style check valves are one of the many styles of valves offered by Heshka Oil. Keep reading to learn more about what a MS style check valve does.

How MS Style Check Valves Work

The MS style Check valve operates in the same way as the Type R check valve, in that it uses a spring, poppet and seat as the main operating components. When the check functions in an MS style check valve the spring keeps the mirror finished angle of the poppet sealed to the mirror finished angle of the seat. The bottom of the seat seals with the bottom of the valve body. This provides the metal-to-metal seal of the valve whereas in a Type R check valve the angle of the poppet seals against the rubber elastomer of the seat seal.

There are two other components in the MS Check valve in addition to the poppet spring, poppet and seat. There’s also a seat retainer and the seat spring. All these components are made standard from 410 stainless steel, except for the two springs which are made from Inconel.

If the application is to conform with no limit H2S, Inconel is also available for the pressure containing parts of the MS Check Valve, the seat and poppet. All the internal components for the MS style check valve are available from Heshka Oil - stocked and ready to ship!

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Posted On:

16th Nov 2021