SLS Seal for the Type FLS and FLS-R Gate Valve


Learn how to find a seal for the Type FLS and FLS-R gate valve that performs at a reasonable price.

What is an SLS Seal Packing?

The SLS seal packing is a high-quality stem packing mostly used in FLS and FLS-R style gate valves. This seal is spring energized and is used in the top of the bonnet around the stem. The seal is designed to keep pressure in and contaminants out of the valve. On the hydraulic valves an extra SLS packing is used on the bottom of the valve for the lower balance stem.

Materials and Components

The high-quality materials used by Heshka Oil in the SLS seal make this a very reliable component in your FLS and FLS-R style gate valves.

There are two parts to this style of seal. A seal jacket, which is made from a Carbon/Moly filled PTFE and a cantilever spring which comes in 300 series stainless as standard with Elgiloy available as an upgrade.

Depending on pressure requirements, an unfilled peek backup ring may be required. It is also common to double up on cantilever springs which can aid in lower pressure sealing requirements.

Sizes and Pressures

Our SLS style seal for FLS and FLR-R gate valves is available in many different sizes, and Heshka Oil can provide you with the seal to match your specific valve size and pressure. The standard sizes cover 1-13/16” 10,000 PSI all the way to 7-1/16” 15,000 PSI. Heshka Oil can also work with customers to create custom-designed SLS seals whenever they are required.

API 6A Quality

When you need an SLS seal for your FLS or FLS-R style gate valve, Heshka Oil is the API 6A manufacturer you need to contact. Our customer service and quality is unmatched, and we are fully committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible.

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Posted On:

4th May 2021