Spools Use and Size in the Oil and Gas Industry


Learn what spools are used for and how they are made to withstand harsh conditions out in the field.

Heshka Oil has one of the largest inventories of spools in the oil and gas industry. We have you covered on everything from adapter spools and spacer spools to swivel spools. Each type of spool comes in a variety of configurations for different applications.

Let’s go over how you can use spools at your job site and the different types of spools that are available.

What Are Spools Used for in the Field?

Spools are used in a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry. Some of the most common spool applications include:

  • Wellhead extensions
  • Wellhead spacing
  • Choke and Kill manifolds
  • Production manifolds
  • Maintain a large bore (fracking)

The spool’s use is going to depend on what type of spool it is. Let’s take a closer look at different types of spools and how they are constructed.

Spool Sizes and Construction


Spacer spools from Heshka Oil come in sizes ranging from 1-13/16” all the way to 7-1/16”. Pressure ratings of 5,000 psi to 15,000 can be covered by all these sizes. Spacer spools also come in various lengths depending on the application and have the same nominal connections on both ends.


Another type of spool offered by Heshka Oil is adapter spools. Adapter spools usually have one key difference from spacer spools in that the adapter spools usually have two different nominal end connections. This allows for different sizes of equipment to be connected in the same application or environment.


Heshka Oil offers swivel spools that feature a unique rotating flange that allow for better alignment of equipment out in the field in frac and production lines. The rotating spools are most common in 4-1/16” to 7-1/16” and 5,000-15,000 working pressures. We also have other sizes available depending on the specific requirements needed.

Convenient Online Ordering & Personal Assistance in One

When you need any type of spool for your project Heshka Oil has you covered. We were the first supplier to bring the convenience of online ordering to the oil and gas industry. Of course, if you prefer to do it the old-school way or need assistance you can call and speak to one of our experienced sales reps.

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Want to know more about the construction of oil and rig gas parts? The Heshka Oil blog will give you a closer look at how parts are made, used and distributed from our warehouse to your site. 

Posted On:

28th Sep 2021