The Back Pressure Valve Lubricator Product Review Inside and Out


What to Know Before You Buy a Back Pressure Valve Lubricator, Pressure Balanced Manually Operated

This oil and gas industry review provides details on our Pressure Balanced Manually Operated (PBMO) Lubricator. Information includes general applications, design and configurations.

What is a Pressure Balanced Manually Operated Lubricator (PBMO Lubricator)?

The Heshka Oil PBMO Lubricator is a tool that can be configured to mount on a wellhead tree or to a wellhead spool for the purpose of running or retrieving type H back pressure valves or two-way check valves. It can also be used for installing or retrieving VR plugs.

Typical applications for this tool are:

  • Removing a leaking valve from the casing head.
  • Isolating the wellhead tree to enable servicing.
  • Isolating the wellhead to replace valves or tubing head adapters.

All of these tasks can be achieved safely with the valve or spool under pressure when following the recommended procedures.

PBMO Lubricator Design

Our PBMO lubricator components are machined from homogenous materials. There are no welded components in the assembly.

The standard PBMO Lubricator is made up of a lower yoke assembly with a 2” 1502 Union male and a hammer union on the adapter end. An upper yoke with a 2” 1502 female union that provides for connection of the extensions and barrel housings.

Installed in the yokes are the seal packings which contain the pressure to the PBMO.

The side plates attached to the yokes provide rigidity to the unit.

The barrel housings accommodate the various lengths of polished rods. They also provide the ability to attach a lifting eye for ease of handling the assembly.

PBMO Lubricator Equipment

The Back Pressure Valve, Pressure Balanced Manually Operated Lubricator (PBMO) For Sale at includes:

  • 3 two-way high-pressure 9/16” autoclave needle valves
  • 1 three-way high-pressure 9/16” autoclave needle valve
  • High-pressure stainless-steel tubing
  • High-pressure gauge conforming to NACE

The valves and tubing are configured to provide pressure balance between the upper and lower yokes and tree or wellhead spool. They will also allow for bleeding of the system when necessary. The lubricator can be tailored to fit your requirements.

PBMO Lubricator Connections and Configurations

Connections for the Heshka Oil Pressure Balanced Manually Operated Lubricator can be 1502, API Flanged or threaded.

The PBMO Lubricator can be configured to accept both a 1-1/8” polished rod or a 1-1/4” polished rod simply by changing the packings in the upper and lower yokes. The 1-1/4” polished rod can provide additional strength should it be needed for your application.

The PBMO can be configured for a 15,000 psi, NACE MRO-175 application. The lower yoke will include an API flanged connection and the upper yoke to the barrel housing can be flanged or threaded.

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Author Name:

Michael Perschke

Posted On:

24th Aug 2020