Threaded vs Non-Threaded Swivel Spools for Fracking

Threaded vs Non-Threaded Swivel Spools for Fracking

Heshka Oil provides equipment for fracking in the oilfield.

We here at Heshka Oil manufacture two types of swivel spools but when you are considering your next swivel spool purchase you might have to choose between threaded and non-threaded rotating flanges. We have chosen to promote non threaded.

Why you might ask? well both perform that same functionality, but you might want to consider one rotating flange over another.

Currently there are two main style of swivel flanges in the market. There is the threaded version and there is a non-threaded version that uses a load ring.

The threaded flange relies on instruction to ensure the flange is in the correct position for optimal loading conditions (distance from top of flange to top of Body). Opportunity to rotate the flange further than instructed could result in the bolt load going into the faces of the two components and not having enough load in the ring gasket. Because of this you would be considered to have limited alignment.

The non- threaded flange is easier to install and there is no limitation on rotational alignment. There is no opportunity for incorrect installation. It is produced using shaped forging for the larger, high pressure, sizes. Our swivel spools have lift eye holes for easy lifting and we have removed the retainer ring to make the load rings easily accessible as needed.

Author Name:

Michael Perschke

Posted On:

10th Jun 2020