What is an MS Style Check Valve Bonnet Gasket?


Find out why your MS style check valve needs a bonnet gasket and how to find the best one for the best price.

The MS style check valve is a flow-through back check valve designed with metal-to-metal seals between both the body and seat and the poppet and seat. This design eliminates the need for elastomers to be used in the valve. With the absence of elastomers, this valve is capable of being used in harsh environments such as high or low-temperature applications and highly corrosive applications.

Parts for a variety of valves are available directly from Heshka Oil, including MS style check valve bonnet seal ring gaskets. Here’s what you need to know before ordering your next bonnet gasket.

How Bonnet Gaskets for MS Style Check Valves Work

MS style bonnet gaskets are ring gaskets that provide a tight seal to the body of the valve to prevent leakage. This type of bonnet gasket is ideal for oil and gas applications that require a tight connection even in extreme environments. Heshka Oil bonnet seal ring gaskets for MS style check valves are made to work in the harshest work conditions.

MS Style Check Valve Bonnet Gasket Materials

The bonnet seal ring gasket for the MS check valve, like other components, features a stainless-steel material type. This material allows the MS check valve to be used in harsh environments while providing the valve with a complete seal from the bonnet to the body of the valve.

MS Style Check Valve Bonnet Gasket Sizes and Pressures

The bonnet seal ring gaskets are available for MS style check valves of all sizes. There are two common options: 1 1/16” - 2 1/16” and 3 1/16” - 4 1/16”. Both of these sizes are rated for working pressure up to 20,000 PSI.

Getting Bonnet Seal Ring Gaskets You Need When You Need Them

When you’re running an oil and gas operation the last thing you want is for a single part to shut down production. Here at Heshka Oil, we understand just how important replacement parts are for all valve types. That’s why we keep an extensive stock of all components, including the bonnet seal ring gaskets for the MS check valve. In-stock parts are ready to ship, sometimes within hours of placing an order!

To order MS style check valve parts in minutes, check out our brand new shop online at www.heshkaoil.com, or give one of our experienced sales reps a call at 936-760-4353 for personal assistance.

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Posted On:

7th May 2022