What to Know About API 6A Valves


Discover the difference between a plug valve, back pressure valve and a check valve vs a gate valve.

Heshka Oil offers many different styles and configurations of API 6A valves. We can provide gate valves in all different styles and sizes, as well as, check valves, plug valves, back pressure and two way check valves. Whatever your application, Heshka Oil can provide the valve to meet your needs.

What is a Gate Valve?

In a gate valve the gate is used to stop or start the fluid flow by moving the gate up and down perpendicular in the valve. These valves are non-rising stem valves and come in many different styles and sizes.

The styles of gate valves offered by Heshka Oil are FC, FL, FLS, FLS-R, and WKM. All Heshka Oil gate valves use either a slab or wedge gate. The sizes and pressure ratings for each type of gate valve is 1-13/16” to 7” and 5000 psi to 15,000 psi.

Heshka Oil offers these valves in not only manual but hydraulic and pneumatic operated options as well.

What is a Check Valve?

The check valves offered by Heshka Oil are type R and MS style check valves. The type R check valve uses a spring, poppet, seat and seat seal. The seat seal is made from either HNBR or Viton material and attaches in the groove around the seat. This then seals to the poppet and prevents flowback. The MS style check valve is like the type R but uses a metal-to-metal seal in the valve. The face of the poppet sits on the face of the seat to create the seal.

What is a Plug Valve?

Plug valves are another style of valve from Heshka Oil. These low torque, quarter-turn valves are used to isolate sections of flowline in pressure-control manifold applications. Plug valves are perfect when space is limited and a quick shutoff is required.

Heshka Oil’s plug valves feature 1502 union male by female connections. The low torque plug valves provided by Heshka Oil have high-quality components to withstand high erosion rates and pressures seen in the field.

What is a Back Pressure Valve?

The type H back pressure valves (BPV) and two-way check valves (TWCV) are also offered at Heshka Oil. The Heshka Oil type H back pressure valve is a one-way check valve, also known as a non-return valve or NRV. Where the back pressure valve only seals on one side, the two-way check valve seals on both the top and bottom and can be used as a tree test plug.

Both the BPV and TWCV are available in sizes ranging from 1-1/2” to 6” and are designed to withstand pressure up to 20,000 psi in some sizes and configurations.

Affordable API 6A Valves Ready to Ship

Whether it is a gate valve, check valve, plug valve or type H back pressure valve, Heshka Oil has you covered. We strive to exceed the expectations set by our customers and provide valves for any environment. Valves are in stock and ready to ship. If you’re looking for a valve, give our experienced sales team a call today.

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3rd Jun 2021