What to Know About Type R PolyPak Seat Screw Packing


Learn about the purpose of type R PolyPak seat screw packing.

A type R check valve is a one-way valve that’s designed to keep flow moving in one direction only. The flow passes through the valve and pushes the poppet up to compress the spring for the passthrough. When backflow occurs, the spring pushes the poppet back against the seat seal and prevents flow from returning through the valve.

But what happens if the pressure drops? Or if there’s gas present? That’s when type R PolyPak screw seat packing comes into play.

How Type R PolyPak Seat Screw Packing Works

When maintenance is performed on a type R check valve, one of the more commonly replaced components is the PolyPak, also referred to as the seat screw packing. Two pieces of packing are stacked on the seat screw and inserted through the bottom of the check valve body. The packing has an internal energizer which gives the seal the ability to seal during low pressure, even with the presence of gas.

PolyPak Seal Construction

A PolyPak seal is made from either HNBR or Viton material. The PolyPak seal’s internal energizer is also made from HNBR or Viton.

At Heshka Oil we’re able to construct type R PolyPak seat screw packing with different materials upon request. Simply give our team a call to discuss your needs and we’ll make sure your PolyPaks can get the job done.

PolyPak Sizes and Pressure Ratings

Type R check valve PolyPaks are used in check valves that are rated from 10,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI. They come in sizes that range from 2-1/16” through 4-1/16”.

Where to Find Type R PolyPak Seat Screw Packing

When performing maintenance it’s important to have all the correct components you need to keep your valves operating like normal. That’s why Heshka Oil is a trusted supplier for some of the top oil and gas companies in the industry.

Heshka Oil carries stock in PolyPak seat screw packing of all sizes as well as other replacement components for type R check valves. We can provide you with everything you need from the lower packing up to the bonnet gasket. To order your type R check valve PolyPak online visit our website at www.heshkaoil.com. You can also give us a call at 936-760-3453 if you have questions or need to place a custom order.

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Posted On:

30th Jun 2022