What to Know About Type R Seat Seals


Discover how Type R seat seals are made.

One of the most commonly replaced components in the Type R check valve are the seat seals. These seals sit around the groove of the seat and provide the sealing surface that the poppet comes in contact with during operation of the check valve.

Let’s take a closer look at how this type of seat seal works.

Materials Used for Type R Seat Seals

Heshka Oil provides Type R check valve seat seals in different materials depending on the environment that the valve is being used in. The most common material used for Type R check valve seat seals is Viton. Viton provides the seal with increased wear resistance against harsh contaminants reducing the frequency of maintenance.

In addition to Viton, Heshka Oil can also provide these seat seals for the Type R check valve in Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber, more commonly referred to as HNBR. Standard Nitrile Rubber is also available upon request.

Type R Seat Seal Sizes

In addition to the materials, Type R check valve seat seals are also made in different sizes. The sizes carried by Heshka Oil include 1”-2” Type R check valve seat seals and 3”-4” Type R check valve seat seals.

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Posted On:

26th Feb 2022