What to Know About Weco Adapter Flanges


Learn how versatile Weco adapter flanges are made and the common configurations.

Weco adapter flanges are crossover connections for connecting wellhead, manifold and other frac flowline equipment together. Weco adapter flanges come in a variety of sizes and pressures for applications that are used throughout the oil and gas industry.

Common Materials Used to Make Weco Adapter Flanges

The most common material for our Weco style flange adapters is AISI 4130 with a 75K minimum yield. But sometimes a common material isn’t the ideal option. When you need a custom Weco adapter flange Heshka Oil has the machining capabilities to provide you with almost any material required for the job.

Common Sizes, Pressures and Connections for Weco Adapter Flanges

There are a lot of options for how a Weco adapter flange is constructed. And that’s really good news for anyone who operates a drilling site. It means the flange should be perfectly suited for making a connection as long as you have the right configuration.

With a Weco adapter flange, getting the size right is important. Weco adapter flange end connections come in sizes from 1-13/16” all the way up to 7-1/16”.

The pressure rating also has to be right. Pressures are available from 2,000 through 15,000 PSI.

Last but not least is the connections. The crossover connection can be flange x male (Wing) or flange x female (Thread). Heshka Oil’s Union connections on the Weco flanges range from 2” to 5” in a 602, 1002 or, more common, 1502 style.

Getting Weco Adapter Flanges When You Need Them

Because Weco adapter flanges can be an integral part of many applications in the oil and gas industry they are something you want to have on hand. Finding adapter flanges and other replacement parts is now easier than ever with Heshka Oil’s online ordering platform.

Weco adapter flanges are in stock and ready to ship from both of Heshka Oil’s Texas facilities. No matter where you are fracking or out in the oilfields we can get you the parts you need when you need them.

Having an advanced quality control system means Heshka Oil is ready to deliver a quality product in the shortest time frame possible. Weco flanges can be purchased directly from our website in minutes or you can call our experienced sales staff at 936-760-3453 for personal assistance.

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Posted On:

16th Nov 2021