What You Need to Know About Type H2 Choke Seats


Learn how to order replacement seats for your Type H2 choke valves online.

Heshka Oil has replacement seats for the H2 adjustable choke that are every bit as reliable as an OEM part. The H2 adjustable seat is used in the choke body to help control the flow of fluid. It’s available in different sizes and materials, all of which are in stock at the Heshka Oil warehouses.


Any time you are buying a replacement part, compatibility is crucial. OEM parts offer the advantage of guaranteed compatibility, but that can come at a very high price. All our H2 seats are interchangeable with original equipment manufacturer chokes. Heshka Oil is known for offering a wide selection of Cameron-compatible parts at an affordable price point.

Materials and Construction

We carry these H2 choke seats in both 410 stainless steel and 17-4 PH stainless steel. They also have a tungsten carbide sleeve to withstand the harshest of environments. These seats feature an external thread and hex head configuration for easy installation into the body of the choke.

Heshka Oil can also manufacture choke seats using different materials upon request.

Choke Seat Sizes

In addition to being available in different materials, Heshka Oil H2 choke seats are available in two sizes. There is a 2” max orifice and a 1” max orifice. We manufacture both the short versions and the 6” long versions. Seats that are fully lined with carbide and seats with a 1” long carbide insert can be purchased online.

Type H2 Choke Seats That Are Ready to Ship

No matter the size or material you need for your H2 adjustable choke valve seat, Heshka Oil has you covered. We stock Type H2 choke seats in all sizes and materials that are ready to ship directly to you. You can order seats online through www.heshkaoil.com or call directly at 936-760-3453.

Save Time and Money - Buy H2 Choke Seats Online!

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Posted On:

15th Aug 2021