Why a Hydraulic Choke Seat Puller Tool is Good to Have


Find out what a hydraulic choke seat puller tool does and the advantage is gives you on a jobsite.

The CIW drilling choke seat is one of the items in drilling chokes that can be reversed for increased lifespan, but eventually it needs to be replaced. To do this Heshka Oil has designed hydraulically operated seat pullers for the easiest removal and reduced downtime. Keep reading to learn about how hydraulic choke seat pullers are constructed and how they differ from manual seat pullers.

How a Hydraulic Choke Seat Puller Tool Works

The Heshka Oil’s CIW style hydraulic choke seat puller tool is a hydraulically operated assembly consisting of a:

  • Seat puller collet
  • Push rod complete with locking wedge
  • Nut
  • Hydraulic cylinder

The collet is lowered into the open choke and locks onto the seat. The collet is locked into place by means of the push rod with a locking wedge. The hydraulic cylinder is hooked up to a hand pump and used to remove the seat from the body. This is very different from how a manual choke seat puller works. That type of seat puller is manually operated only and doesn’t have a connection for a hand pump.

All component materials should be high-strength steel, which is how seat pullers are manufactured to meet Heshka Oil’s highest quality standard.

Getting a Hydraulic Choke Seat Puller Tool to Your Jobsite

Heshka Oil always recommends the right tool for any job, and the hydraulic choke seat puller is just that. Before your next disassembly of a CIW-style hydraulic drilling choke, contact Heshka Oil to learn more about how a hydraulic seat puller tool can make your operation more efficient. Using a hydraulic choke seat puller tool will result in safer operation as well as time savings and reduced cost. Order online at www.heshkaoil.com or place a purchase over the phone at 936-760-3453.

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Posted On:

30th Jun 2022