Why VR Plug Running Tools


Do you need VR plug running tools? Find out by learning what these tools can do and how they work.

Do you need to run VR plugs? The VR plug running tools are needed to maintain your wellhead equipment. VR running tools are designed to provide operators with the ability to easily install or remove VR plugs with the help of a lubricator or dry rod kit.

Keep reading for a closer look at what VR plug running tools can do and how they work.

VR Running Tool Sizes

The VR plug running tools are available in several different sizes. The sizes are dependent on the type of plug you are running. The most common sizes for Heshka Oil VR running tools range from 1-13/16” and 2-1/16” with hex sizes of 1-1/4” and 1-3/8”.

Custom VR Plug Running Tools

VR plug running tools have to be durably constructed. We manufacture these tools from high strength carbon steel material, although with our machining capability at Heshka Oil we can produce VR plug running tools to customer specific material specifications as well. As well as customizing the material, Heshka Oil can also manufacture your VR plug running tool to the specifications of the equipment you are using.

Where to Get VR Plug Running Tools

When you need a VR plug running tool Heshka Oil is sure to have them in stock. VR plug running tools are available at Heshka Oil. These tools are manufactured right here in the U.S.A at Heshka Oil’s facilities. With our durable materials, expert construction and advanced quality control system, you know VR running tools from Heshka Oil are designed to get the job done.

Call us at 936-760-3453 today to get your VR plug running tool or speak with one of our experienced sales reps about a custom design. You can also purchase standard VR plug tools directly from our website in seconds.

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Want to know more about maintaining your wellhead equipment? The Heshka Oil blog has information about how oil and gas parts are constructed so that you have the right tools when you need them. 

Posted On:

26th Feb 2022