Seat for the Type MS Check Valve

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2.00 LBS

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Seat for the Type MS Check Valve

Get all your replacement parts quick and easy at Heshka Oil. You can find a seat for the Type MS check valves along with poppets, springs and everything else you need to keep oilfield operations running smoothly. We keep our high-quality aftermarket parts stocked and ready to ship as soon as you order. 

Eliminate the need for time-consuming in-person purchases - buy a seat for Type MS check valves online!

Product Information

Seat for the Cameron Style Type MS Check Valve

The seat is small, but it’s a vital component of MS check valves. The seats for Type MS check valves for sale at Heshka Oil are designed to perform just as well as Cameron components and are completely compatible in Cameron valves. In fact, our seats are 100% interchangeable with the OEM Cameron Type MS valves.

Material Construction

Our MS check valve seats are 410 stainless steel for added durability. The streamlined design and durable material ensure there is minimal flow turbulence and that your seat will have a long lifespan.

Seat for the Type MS Check Valve Sizes

Get the seat you need for your MS check valve specifications. You can currenting buy a seat for Type MS check valves in one of two sizes: 

1-13/16” - 2-1/16” 5M-20M

3-1/16” - 4-1/16” 5M-20M

As a manufacturer Heshka Oil is capable of supplying parts of all sizes. If you need an MS check valve seat in another size please give us a call.

API 6A Monogrammed Valves

Our Type MS check valves meet the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute and are API 6A monogrammed. 

Save Time and Money by Ordering Seats for the Type MS Check Valve Online!