What to Know About Carbide Choke Wear Sleeves

What to Know About Carbide Choke Wear Sleeves

Learn about the role carbide wear sleeves play when you’re using CIW hydraulic drilling chokes.

If you’re using CIW or Type C style hydraulic drilling chokes, then you may already be somewhat familiar with carbide wear sleeves. They are one of many parts that take a beating during operation and will eventually need to be replaced. Keep reading to learn more about how this critical component works within hydraulic drilling chokes and important information about carbide wear sleeve construction.

How Carbide Wear Sleeves Fit Into Drilling Chokes

Type C hydraulic drilling chokes are often utilized in choke and kill manifolds but can be used in other drilling and production applications. In choke and kill manifold systems, a hydraulic drilling choke is used because it allows the operator to maintain precise flow control in the manifold.

Many parts work together to make this possible, and one of those parts is the carbide wear sleeve. Carbide wear sleeves are used in the bore of the CIW-style hydraulic drilling chokes underneath the seat of the valve.

Carbide Wear Sleeve Construction

The carbide wear sleeves that Heshka Oil provides are 100% interchangeable with existing hydraulic drilling chokes. These carbide wear sleeves provide increased protection to the bore of the hydraulic drilling choke to prevent unnecessary wear on the valve. Like our carbide seats, the carbide material of our wear sleeve gives the sleeve the ability to withstand the harshest of environments where H2S & CO2 are present.

The Easiest Way to Order Replace Carbide Wear Sleeves

Replacing a worn carbide wear sleeve is essential maintenance for your Cameron-style drilling choke. Heshka Oil has the stock to provide you with a carbide wear sleeve when you need it to keep the downtime of your hydraulic drilling chokes to a minimum. Carbide wear sleeves for Cameron-style drilling chokes are available to purchase online from our website. It’s the quickest way to get replacement carbide wear sleeves you need.

We’re the first parts supplier to offer this convenience in the oil and gas industry. Our ordering process saves you time and it’s completely secure. But if you do need personal assistance to place a carbide wear sleeve order, our experienced sales team is standing by to take your call. They can be reached at 936-760-3453.

Save Time and Money - Buy Carbide Wear Sleeves Online!

Do you need to know more about other hydraulic drilling choke replacement parts? Check out the Heshka Oil blog for more product guides and reviews. 

Posted On:

22nd Jun 2022