Type FC Manual Slab Gate Valve - API 6A Monogrammed

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650.00 LBS

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Type FC Manual Slab Gate Valve - API 6A Gate Valves

Looking for an affordable Cameron gate valve replacement that’s just as durable, reliable and efficient as your existing equipment? 

Customers that buy type FC manual slab gate valves from Heshka Oil know they’re getting unparalleled quality, value and convenience. We give you the ability to purchase oil and gas equipment online for fast, easy service. And because we only offer API 6A gate valves, you know you are getting superior quality for an amazing price.

We have all the valves you need in stock and ready to ship. Find a type FC manual slab gate valve and order in minutes online!

Heshka Oil 6A Gate Valve Product Information

Heshka Oil's manual FC style gate valves are available in a multitude of variations. These API 6A gate valves come in your choice of size, pressure, trim level, product specification level, temperature class, performance requirement and ring type joint inlays.

Our type FC manual slab gate valves utilize a combination of body bushings, seat rings and a slab gate to provide effective metal-to-metal sealing for most applications.

6A Gate Valve Sizes and Pressures

Our customers are able to find type FC manual slab gate valves in a variety of sizes and pressures online. Options include:

1-13/16" 10K

1-13/16" 15K

2-1/16" 5K

2-1/16" 10K

2-1/16" 15K

2-9/16" 5K

2-9/16" 10K

2-9/16" 15K

3-1/8" 5K

3-1/16" 10K

3-1/16" 15K

4-1/16" 5K

4-1/16" 10K

4-1/16" 15K


The type FC manual slab gate valves for sale at Heshka Oil are built with top-grade materials for longevity and reliable performance.

  • Forged Body and Bonnet with AISI 4130 75K

  • 410 Stainless Steel Slab Gate with Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing

  • Stellite 6 Seat Rings

  • 410 SST Body Bushings

  • 410 SST Stem with QPQ Nitride

Classes and Performance

Material Class: EE-1.5, PSL3

Temperature Class: L, U

Performance Requirement: PR1

API 6A Gate Valves That Make Quality a Priority

As an API certified oil and gas part supplier, we take care to follow the highest quality control standards in the industry. All of our gate valves have earned the API 6A monogram, which signifies they meet the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute. Each Heshka Oil 6A gate valve goes through our rigorous quality control system to guarantee it will perform just as well as Cameron gate valves.

Get quality parts you can count on!

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