VX Ring Gasket, 18-3/4 Inch - 316 Stainless Steel

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130.00 LBS

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VX Ring Gasket, 18-3/4 Inch - 316 Stainless Steel 

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VX Ring Gasket Product Information

The VX style gasket was originally made by Vetco. Now Heshka Oil offers the same quality and performance of Vetco at an aftermarket price.


VX ring gaskets for sale at HeshkaOil.com are constructed using 316 Stainless Steel. 


Each VX ring gasket weighs around 130 LBS. 


VX ring gaskets are used in H4 hydraulic connectors. The VX ring gasket is used at the base of the wellhead and riser connector when the hubs are separated. It’s considered a face to face pressure energized gasket that allows face to face contact between the hubs. 


Our VX ring gaskets are a large Item. This item ships on a pallet. 

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With Heshka Oil online ordering isn’t just convenient, it’s also every bit as personalized as an in-person transaction. Give us a call to talk with a Texas-based team member about available VX ring gaskets or getting a custom part made specifically for your operation.

Our quality control system gives our customers added assurance that every part we ship out will perform perfectly in the harshest working conditions. 

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